I'm a 
   Backend engineer    
who builds 
 Invisible magic
that makes apps work.

Always down for project brainstorming or debating the merits of pineapple on pizza. Find me on , or on LinkedIn, or just send me an email saying hi.

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About Me
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As a sophomore at SRMIST in Chennai, I'm a multitasking champ, juggling electrical projects, unpredictable IoT experiments, and the occasional line of code that actually makes sense. I've dabbled in text-to-speech (let's just say the results were...interesting), web scraping for prime meme material, and enough Chrome extensions to rival a NASA engineer. Lately, I'm obsessed with backend development and DevOps – nothing quite like the thrill of making the invisible parts of a website hum.

Hackathons, student clubs, and my stint as satellite club team lead (where I mentored students and wrestled rogue circuit boards simultaneously) have taught me the power of caffeine-fueled collaboration. Currently, I'm trying to crack the code of Web3 and machine learning – world domination via sentient AI might be in my future. Offline, you'll find me scheming to automate my life or debating ideal zombie apocalypse survival app tech stack. Whiteboards and energy drinks are my preferred weapons of choice.

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